Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year

It's a New Year and I thought I'd finally get this blog going!

So here's a little bit about my from my etsy profile...I've loved the romance of vintage stuff since I was a child making my way through the stacks of books I brought home on my bicycle every weekend. I couldn't wait to read the descriptions on those pages of cottages, castles, farmhouses and their furnishings, decor and gardens-especially English gardens!
I've fed my addiction for houses and old stuff by collecting and selling vintage wares for close to 20 years now with a special interest in garden antiques. I started with garden books and my most lucky find is a complete 8 piece set of gorgeous English Garden Encylopedias from 1900! I also collect flower frogs, watering cans, garden tools, sprinklers, old iron garden furniture, seed packets, seed boxes, birdhouses, pottery, floral and rose paintings, wheelbarrows, the list is endless! My collection would be larger if I had kept everything I've found over the years. There are many things I'm still kicking myself for selling years later! My overgrown vintage garden and 100 year old house have my heart but I still yearn to take off and travel or live in Europe. Maybe someday...